Grove Hill,Ala,(2015年12月31日)– Advanced Disposal, an integrated environmental services company, is beginning residential and commercial trash collection service in Grove Hill, Ala. on Saturday, Jan. 2, 2016. Following this Saturday’s collection, residential collection services will occur every Friday, one time per week.

“将这些服务提供给Grove Hill加强了我们现有的阿拉巴马州足迹,我们期待为客户提供持续的环保,以客户服务为中心的服务,”Charlie Gray,Advanced Salia的地区副总裁评论道。18luck客户端

Residential customers can visit /al/linden/linden-collection/guideline/grove-hill-al for detailed information on curbside garbage collection. For additional questions, the Customer Care team can be reached by phone at 334-295-8800 or via email at

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先进的处置为清洁环境的业务带来了新鲜的想法和解决方案。作为美国的第五大固体废物公司,我们为17个州和巴哈马的住宅,商业,工业和建筑客户提供综合,非危险的固体废物收集,再循环和处置服务。我们的团队致力于寻找有效,可持续的解决方案,以保护未来几代人的环境。我们欢迎您了解更多信息AdvancedDisposal.comor follow us onFacebook

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