Advanced Disposal is teaming up with local communities and Cell Phones for Soldiers to collect residents’ used cell phones in honor of Veterans Day. The proceeds from the recycled cell phones will provide soldiers serving overseas with prepaid calling cards to communicate with their families back home.

During the week of Nov. 8, Advanced Disposal will place Cell Phones for Soldiers donation bags inside customers’ recycling containers in several local communities, in hopes of collecting cell phone donations in honor of Veterans Day. Residents can simply place an old, unwanted cell phone inside the envelope, seal it up and leave it in their mailbox. There is no postage necessary and no charge to the participant. Each donated cell phone provides a soldier overseas with 60 minutes of prepaid calling service so they may phone their families back home.

在过去的一年里,先进的处置收集了1,527个手机,导致士兵91,620分钟的谈话时间。随着今年的贡献,数字将更高。参加社区包括胡佛,阿拉。大西洋海滩,弗拉。Fernandina,Fla。Camden County,GA;Woodstock,Ga。,圣玛丽,GA。和哈里森县公用事业机构,小姐。

“Last year’s partnership with Cell Phones for Soldiers was a great success, and we’re excited to bring it to even more communities this year,” said Advanced Disposal’s Chief Marketing Officer Mary O’Brien. “This is a wonderful way to encourage recycling and show our appreciation for our soldiers fighting abroad and for all veterans, who have served our country throughout history.”

In addition to the envelopes being placed in customers’ recycling containers, Advanced Disposal will coordinate inner-office drop boxes at all Advanced Disposal locations in the area. It will also be working with various businesses and organizations around the city to provide them with envelopes and drop boxes for their offices and employees if they wish to get involved. If your business or organization would like to participate or donate old cell phones, please email Advanced Disposal atpartnerships@AdvancedDisposal.com对于最近的先进处置下降位置。

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士兵的手机是由Norwell MA的布列塔尼和罗比·伯杰伯士创建的。在阅读一个关于一个士兵的故事之后,这两个青少年在伊拉克召唤回家的士兵之后,这两个青少年决定帮忙。他们开始开设一个账户,以21.00美元的钱。他们正在收集现金捐赠和旧手机。手机正在回收现金,收益用于购买在中东服务的士兵的预付电话卡。士兵手机是注册501(c)(3)个非营利组织。他们的努力在全国各地的人员和企业捐赠给这个值得的事业。他们的目标是为每个美国士兵提供免费打电话的方式。有关更多信息,请访问