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Place a request for services online using这种形式或者找到您当地的服务设施and contact information to place an order by email or phone.

Items such as furniture and electronic equipment may require special handling. If your item is in working condition, you may wish to donate it to a local charity or use地球911.com.,freecycle.orgto find alternatives.Find your local facility有关更多信息或安排提货。

高级处理为那些产生额外废物或回收材料的临时项目和事件提供解决方案。装修、改建、零售商品重置、活动、租户改善、建筑和拆除等通常都有额外的短期废物和回收需求。Find your local facility为您的临时需要讨论定制解决方案。

是的。As a licensed hauler of special waste Class I material, Advanced Disposal can collect, transport and dispose of non-hazardous special waste including: contaminated soil, sludge, biosolids, off-specification products, asbestos and more. Advanced Disposal can assist in profiling special waste and providing key regulatory and permitting information.Find your local facilityand connect with a special waste advisor today.

Advanced Disposal does not collect hazardous waste. Hazardous waste is illegal to discard in your solid waste or recycling dumpster and containers. Hazardous waste includes, but is not limited to: flammable products, personal care products such as medication, lead, bio-hazardous waste materials, explosives, live ammunition, or weapons. Many communities host special collection or drop-off programs for hazardous waste.Find your local facilityto inquire about hazardous waste disposal in your area.

We’d love to service you! Starting service and getting a price quote is easy.Fill out this form或者找到你的本地设备and contact us today.

商业收集假日计划因位置而异。Check your local facility有关您的假期时间表。


The list of accepted recyclable items varies by location and contract. For an exact list of items that can be recycled in your area, pleasecheck your local facility.

The following items are not recyclable:

  • Ceramics
  • Pyrex or other glass cookware
  • 喝玻璃
  • Disposable diapers
  • 医疗废物(包括针)


  • 服装和鞋子可以通过将物品带到善意,旧货店或其他非营利位置来回回收。
  • Plastic bags are recyclable but are best handled by returning them to grocery stores or other retailers that have special recycling programs.
  • Bricks, concrete and wood are recyclable but may need to be handled separately.
  • 庭院垃圾可以回收,但需要单独处理。
  • Food waste and items contaminated with or containing food should not be placed with other recyclables. Advanced Disposal does collect organics in select areas, but items are handled separately and not taken to a material recovery facility.


  • 请清洁和冲洗罐头,瓶子和罐子。
  • 大块的纸板和纸箱寿ld be broken down and cut into smaller pieces (preferably 3 feet x 3 feet).
  • Cartons made from aseptic packaging such are recyclable.

Advanced Disposal works with commercial customers to develop a construction and demolition recycling solution to include common materials such as: concrete, wood, brick, stone, tile, drywall, glass, carpet and more. Advanced Disposal has LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified experts who can assist with U.S. Green Building Council LEED project certification.Find your local facility并与今天的LEED认证顾问联系。

先进的处置已有LEED(能源和环境设计领导)认证专家,他们可以协助美国绿色建筑委员会LEED项目认证。我们的LEED认证顾问协助客户管理他们的废物和回收要求,以便在美国绿色建筑委员会规定的各种类型和尺寸的建筑项目中进行垃圾和回收要求。我们提供免费的废物咨询,以确定和实施最具成本效益的“绿色”建筑策略,供应适当的废物处理和回收集装箱,并对LEED报告进行废物审计和分析。Find your local facility并与今天的LEED认证顾问联系。

Polystyrene foam plastic is not recyclable and we are not able to accept it for recycling at this time. Before discarding polystyrene foam plastic peanuts, consider taking them to your local mail and packaging store for reuse, typically without charge.

高级处理不会收集机油或机油滤清器。许多社区为危险废物举办特别的收集或投放项目。Find your local facilityto inquire about hazardous disposal in your area.

Advanced Disposal does not collect electronic waste. Many communities host special collection or drop-off programs for e-waste.Find your local facilityto inquire about e-waste disposal in your area.

家具和设备等物品可能需要特殊处理。如果您的物品处于工作状态,您可能希望将其捐赠给当地慈善机构或使用地球911.com.,freecycle.orgto find alternatives.Find your local facilityfor fees or to schedule a pickup.

Report A Problem

We have a couple different ways you can report a problem or concern such as a missed pickup, damaged or missing container, etc. Report a problem and request a resolution online byclicking here.你也可以联系当地设施通过电话或电子邮件。


We’d love to service you! Starting service and getting a price quote is easy. You canfill out a form或者找到你的本地设备and contact us by phone or email today.

是的。我们鼓励客户在线支付账单,因为通过减少纸张垃圾更好的环境。请点击这里and follow the steps to set up an online bill pay account. You will need your account number and service address.

All the required information is used for internal purposes only and will not be shared.了解有关我们公司隐私政策的更多信息.

View information regarding these feeshere.

Company Questions

Find your local facility’s contact informationhere.

我们首先支持我们的服务座右铭。安全总是。我们员工,客户和社区成员的安全是至关重要的。先进的处置致力于安全的团队,这意味着采用最佳实践和经过验证的技术,如背衬传感器和右手路由,以确保我们尽可能安全地操作 - 每一天都是安全的。我们的安全记录是行业中最好的,研究证明私营部门行动比公共部门经营的行业更安全。

是的。Our team is dedicated to finding effective, sustainable solutions to preserve the environment for future generations. We partner with vendors, customers and the communities we serve to advance sustainability efforts nationwide.探索高级处置的环境举措以及我们为地球所做的事情.

是的。先进的处置深深致力于确保员工,客户和社区的干净安全的环境。谈到您的环境责任时,我们可以为您提供您需要的安心。我们通过雇用合格的专业人士并遵守所有当地,州和联邦法规来限制您的责任。因此,您可以确保您的废物能够以安全且符合要求的方式照顾。Find your local facilityand contact us today.




If you are a residential customer, please don’t forget to regularly visit both your local municipality’s solid waste page as well as our local facility and your community’s individual page (scroll down slightly on your local facility page to the Guidelines for Municipal Customers tab) and click on the link for your community’s garbage collection guidelines and holiday schedule. Thank you!